Umang  Events

Treasure Hunt

In the first event of Umang, the prelims of Treasure Hunt are conducted. It is a written event that tests people in both ways, logically and mentally. In the second Phase, It is a field event that tests people in both ways, physically and mentally. The spread of participants throughout the campus spreads awareness about the Umang event among students, staff and others.


(Bollywood Quiz)

Cinema is the best way to promote any language, as cinema is the trend nowadays. Questions related to Bollywood are asked in this event. Bollywood Quiz is a two-stage competition in which the teams selected based on preliminary tests are called for the final stage, a stage-presentation event. This is a very popular event among the students of all colleges. It increases the reach of Hindi as a language on our campus; hence it is organised in 'Umang'.




Its common name is 'Crossword', in which the participants’ knowledge level of Hindi vocabulary is tested.


India Quiz

The event involves judging the participants’ knowledge based on general knowledge about Indian history, Current Affairs etc. It is a two-stage event in which only the shortlisted teams are given the oportunity to perform on stage.



It is a puzzle (logical puzzles, Quantitative type questions, etc.) based competition. It is a two-stage event in which only the shortlisted teams are given the opportunity to perform on stage.


Creative Writing

Poetry and literature are the foundation of any language. This competition tests the writing/ critical thinking ability of the contestants. In this event, audio, video or picture is provided to participants for writing the creative depiction of the given content.


Parliamentary Debate

This is commonly known as a panel discussion in which participants are given a topic relevant to the current issue inside the institution. After that, a debate between the judges (panellists) in front of an audience led to the topic’s conclusion.


Just a Minute (JAM)

This competition tests the ability to speak Hindi without pronunciation and grammatical mistakes. Participants are given a topic to talk about with a challenge of zero grammatical errors and proper pronunciation. It is one of the most popular literature shows and sees excellent participation.


Movie Screening

Cinema reaches out to most of the campus people and proves to be a significant contributor to the spread of Hindi as a language. 'Umang - Hindi week' brought a movie screening in which a famous Hindi movie is screened.


Jhankaar (Cultural Night)

Hindi is associated with Indian culture, and hence the final night of Hindi week is celebrated by students with outstanding performances. At night, the students are given a platform to showcase their talents in singing (solo/duet) and dance (solo). Everyone enjoys this program very much, and it is highly appreciated.